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    Cool idea having the element of "DESIRE" making something look disgusting. The color cast of the text onto the food is something i've never thought about. That kind of unique process is very cool to see. The grossness with the sunday drive kind of music is great juxteposition, seriously I'd love to see more stark contrast in future work. Only gripe is the ending could be a bit cleaner, but overall good.


    This is a good example of elements being within the same context. Every element here seems appropriate, from the cuts to the music. You took seemingly normal footage and made an interesting video. Good balance of color and grayscale video. Overall I enjoyed the video, well edited.


    Love the concept, bringing interest to an otherwise watered down cringy medium of content. This video had a lot of potential, but missed the mark in a few areas. The big thing here is the continuity of the video; if you have a central idea of how you're going to parody make sure you keep those themes throughout. Think about it as a narrative, you want to introduce them at the beginningand  build those elements to a climax. Simple things like being messier earlier, do more than be messy, instead of stirring the pasta throw eggs at it, howtobasic that shit. Point is find an aspect you wanna portray, ramp it up, and think outside the box. Very interesting idea, I'd love to see more outside the box stuff like this.


    Onto a wall? we had over a week bro. come on.


    Did someone forget about this assignment?

  • George Melies

    Georges Melies is a figure not often seen, he is an individual that took the medium he was pasisonate about and changed it forever. I greatly respect the impact and implications of Melies work. He is a creator that followed his curiosity and expanded upon it as much as possible, He is one of those special individuals that rarely comes around. It is sad that because of the war he had to stop making films in 1917, but knowing he was reconized for his contributions later in life will help me sleep better.

  • Oh Shit

    ARTGR 270

    S T I C K E R S


    G R A P H I C  T E C H N O L O G Y 275

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    I will be exploring the continuous blog posts soon. To supplement your excitement here is some work from Jacqueline Humphries. Her tie between the technologically created media and painting on canvas is something I have been very interesterd in lately. Here's a look at some of the work im into right now.