Focus Grant Series

Starting last april I have been working on a series of abstract portraits called Gender Coherence. The work is an expression of five individuals of different genders. The intent is to convey the essence of these individuals, to voice into a subversive visual landscape. I spent the first few months spending time with these individuals (whom will remain anonymous and getting to know them. I often would invite them out to coffee, or a meal and have an open conversation. It was during this time that I tried to reflect on how best to express individual stories through the work. To create these landscapes I used a variety of media to relate language to the subjects of each piece. There are 5 pieces each 24x48" scale similar to the long vertical of a person. My vision for the work is to draw in the viewer and show a timeline of marking and language that communicates the essence of the subject. Thank you to everyone who helped me create this series. Enjoy.




Gender Coherence Project

Here is some process from my upcoming grant show.
Reception on April 11th @6:00pm


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Depth, ambiguity and lack of comfort. The essential nature of the work is self reflective, my desire is to express ideas that propegate within my personal life.